New Product – PRIMIS Direct Print Technology

Fairfield, NJ, August 31, 2000 – Chesnut Engineering announces the availability of it’s new Direct Print Gravure System named PRIMIS.
Since Karl Klitsch perfected the first system of engraving onto copper surfaces in 1885, (at that time named photogravure), gravure has maintained the benchmark standard for high quality printing that other processes measure themselves by.

And now there is now a new gravure image carrier available, the PRIMIS polymeric image carrier. What’s new about the Primis system is that it is substantially lower in cost because of the patented breakthrough system of producing the coating. The system is much lower in cost than conventional gravure and even high quality tone Flexo plates. This system can be engraved by conventional electro-mechanical means and has capabilities to easily utilize used laser engraving.

The imagery is produced directly from a digital controlled engraving machine and requires no chemical or water washout or plating. It is a direct, chemical-free process, and can easily be done in an office environment, if necessary.