New Product – SUPRA 1900 24 Press Line

Fairfield, NJ, August 31, 2000 – Chesnut Engineering announces availability of a rotogravure press line in 600 mm. The SUPRA 1900 Press Line. The SUPRA 1900 machine is an extension of the SUPRA 1600 technology, incorporating direct print technology, a sleeve-based system and an interchangeable Flexo and Screen capability.

The SUPRA 1900 is the widest available press for efficient on-press make-ready for handling short to medium print runs. The SUPRA 1900 machine will outperform most other presses in per-copy runs of 350,000 square feet (30,000 square meters or less) because of its ability to be changed over in the same time as a trolley machine except using a much smaller crew.

The SUPRA 1900 can be utilized as a short run press for flexible packaging, paper labels and unsupported films, or as a high volume press for high quality P-S labels. The press’s design makes it equally adept at handling very light weight films, foils and paperboard.