State of The Art Press Lines By Chesnut Engineering For Flexible Packaging Labels And Specialty Product Printing Available With Roto Gravuve, Flexo-Gravuve Technology.


Supra II Presses

WEB WIDTHS: 16″ (420mm) – 26″ (660mm)

Capabilities: The Supra II is an updated and refined version of the Supra press first introduced in 2001. It is a field-proven system that efficiently prints high quality, short-run jobs from 1000 square feet and higher. In addition, The Supra II is capable of producing three to five jobs per shift using a minimum crew of 1 – 2 persons. The perfect choice for flexible packaging pouches, bags, labels and more.


WEB WIDTHS: 16″ (420mm) – 24″ (600mm)

Capabilities: For short run production and laboratory testing of light materials including paper, light paperboard, films such as OPP, PVC, Polyester etc. Flexible packaging, aluminum foil.



Flex-Print Series:

WEB WIDTHS: 16 1/2″ (420mm)

Capabilities: High quality inline combination printing of Flexo, Gravure and Screen in any combination for all markets.



Remanufactured Presses:

The Model ISO Press has had a long and successful history. Press units are brought back to the Chesnut facility in Fairfield and completely disassembled down to bare frames; repainted like new. After complete inspection worn, broken or missing parts are replaced. New state of the art electrical controls and drives are installed as well as upgrades. All work is covered by a one-year limited warranty.